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dvds are, without a doubt, the best way to learn wood carving skills from the masters of wood carving, next to having your own private tutor.

the close-up vantage point of our camera is far better than those who attend a seminar. within these dvds are many of the wonderful techniques that reveal the thinking and skills of the experienced woodcarver.

this is an excellent experience, but are these dvds perfect? no, but they certainly convey a wealth of knowledge, skills, techniques and wisdom that can speed your talent to new heights. you will become a better carver by what you gain from these dvds.

the dvd with its easy to find chapters and the ability to freeze action indefinitely makes this a very handy tool. you can go near instantly to where you want to see something.

we thank you for showing an interest in our products. drop us a line and we will do our best to answer any question.

you may purchase here through traditional mail $22 each and one price of $3.00 for mailing 1, 2 or 3 if ordered at the same time. make & mail check to:
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for group orders or orders outside usa please email me at rstamats@gmail.com

these dvds are usually available on ebay.com

art art mckellips d. july 26, 2007 slide show [high speed or dial-up]

in 1984 art mckellips was the guest speaker at the museum's 10th anniversary. he gave a talk that evening in monument, colorado not on carving, but on accountability. it was exceptional and 27 years later i still remember it. we never got a chance to make a video of his carving and we both regretted that fact. his carvings have always been extremely sought after, because anyone who can carve with his skill and beauty deserves that claim. art is certainly one of the all time greats.

mr. mckellips was born sept. 23, 1930, in everett, wash. he served in the marine corps. he was an artist and a sculptor. he taught art for western washington university and made courtroom trial drawings for television networks. he lived in hillsboro since 1976. he married joyce lattin in 1950.
survivors include his wife; sons, kelly, dan, scott and sean; eight grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren. remembrances to cancer research. art's website is http://artmckellips.com

"to learn to share yourself is to find wings for the spirit." ivan denton

15barclick here to see a few photos taken @ 1983 - 1985 from the now gone national carvers museum in monument, colorado.

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