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below is, what is believed to be, a complete list of all the scouts on that trip. not everyone has been found and they are marked with an asterisk before their names. if their is a webpage with their stories their name will change to red when you pass your cursor over. some may only have a very small story gleaned from the an email of theirs, but with a little luck and time maybe we can get a longer piece from each person.

*danny aiken
*david aiken
*david aldrich
*bob bartel
mike bash
*darby blackwood, scoutmaster
*peter briggens
*richard clemens
dwight fraze
gil hanie
*ray howell
mox irmscher
*allen johns
michael levy
james denny mahuren
jim pinter
tom robertson
john sell, deceased
richard stamats
jim stone
bill sweet
bill valor
doug welch
*barry wormon
*rusty wormon

david spangler was not one of us but a boy we met in mancos, colorado. this story has new touching dimensions with contact made in august 2008 from his sister, niece and nephew. his nephew, rich crayne, found the page on david.



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