from time to time certain things become special projects. some are for the community, some are historic and some are solely for sheer the fun of it. they are an eclectic bunch.

interview holocaust survivor, david bram
working with journalism students and teacher, mr. matthew weege at mesa ridge high school an opportunity was developed to interview mr. bram about his life in the concentration camps of ww ii.

interview tuskegee airman, walter palmer
visitng a friend of mine walt palmer, a local professional photographer, i met his father, mr walter palmer. at the time of this meeting i noticed he was wearing a t-shirt referring to the tuskegee airman and i remarked about the historic event. mr. palmer was one of these amazing gentlemen and held the record for the most missions flown. i also involved two students from mesa ridge high school to do an interview with him and this is a portion of that interview. mr. palmer passed away in march 2009.

1958 washington center elementary yearbook, fort wayne, indiana

1960 boy scout troop 13, fort wayne, indiana reunion
this started 50 years ago and in 2007 was reignited into a marvelous story with some poignant encounters, breathtaking views, heartfelt reunions and a most successful conclusion in 2010. perhaps more will come...

"relay for life" cancer survivor walk one | two

posters & more with a baha'i faith theme

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