rich wetherbee is an extraordinary carver. he has the ability to execute what he senses in a piece of wood. in this case, rich takes on a branch of pitch pine he gathered from the mountains in colorado and brings out of this unremarkable branch a wonderful face.
rich wetherbee • carving a pitch pine character

below are images from the dvd. to the right are photographs taken recently. you can note the color change over 23 years.










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this video was originally produced for the growing vhs video market in 1984. it was an excellent teacher for a few years then due to the demise of the national carvers museum it was put in mothballs. recently, due to the internet's wide audience, it has been decided re-edit it and bring it back to life as a dvd. this makes it an even better teacher.

rich wetherbee in 1984 had already made a much admired name for himself. his incredible skill is so apparent in this dvd. he also has a fun way of describing every action he is taking. his humor and assurance that you can do this carving make for an excellent learning experience. the length of dvd is 1 hour 40 minutes.

carving a face in pitch pine with rich wetherbee is here for $22.00 (upper right to purchase) or available occasionally on ebay. use search to find.



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other dvds are jack price and claude bolton

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