life's stories


david bram, holocaust survivor,
mr. weege's english class may 16, 2007


david bram, holocaust survivor
interview by amanda barbee formerly of mesa ridge high school (audio recording included) photography and recording by richard stamats


walter palmer, tuskegee airman
interview by cassidy martin & amanda barbee.
photography and recording by richard stamats


the stories here are about two courageous men who faced almost certain death during world war ii. these men were the targets of unspeakable prejudice and racism and yet they themselves never showed a hint of being the victim. both of these men have given back to the world more than one would ever expect.

the stories include david bram, a holocaust survivor, who you will hear in his own words the moment hell would begin for his 5-year ordeal.

walter palmer, a tuskegee airman during world war ii, overcame the daunting racism to serve america in spite of the inequitable treatment of the african american. he flew more than 150 missions establishing him as the record holder for missions amongst all tuskegee airman in world war ii. this brief story illustrates the beginning of his service.

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