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this is a collection of photographs taken by those who participated in the 50th year reunion of the boy scouts from troop 13 in fort wayne, indiana. twenty-five boy scouts had worked hard to purchase an old school bus to take a three week tour of the west. one of the major accomplishments was hiking from the south rim of the grand canyon to the north rim over a three day period in the heat of july 1960. in 2007 jim pinter, one of the those scouts, had an idea to put into action, a reunion in 2010 fifty years after the original hike. in june of 2010 it was accomplished by six of those original boy scouts with many others pulling for us all to make it.

this photographic collection should continue to expand as participants submit their photographs to this web site. five of the scouts had their mates join them and i had my daughter with me and they were all very much appreciated for their wonderful spirit and partnership in this strenous and exhilirating event. without them this trip would have been much less successful. another fine addition to our hike was "our embedded reporter, phil bloom, and his wife, jessie bloom."

here are the participants and the names in orange link to their photographs. click on their names to see their photos:

doug welch and vicki welch
jim pinter and teresa pinter
jim stone and cindy ratermann
michael levy and kathleen kirk
phil bloom and jessie bloom
richard stamats    and    kacey stamats
tom roberston and linda lee

here is richard's short video from the hike. also at youtube

the welch's video here or on at youtube



3d photos 3dglasses i have added a few photos that i shot in 3d. to see the effect you will need red & green glasses to see the effect. the red lens goes over the left eye and blue green to green for the right eye is much better than blue. some of the photos are in color and black and white. black and white is often more effective. 3d photos link

if you want to create your own 3d photos here is a source for free 3d software that was used to create these 3d photos. and here is a site that explains how to do it. another fine free 3d creator is found here

here are a few other links that add to the tale of forming this reunion from historical events to a few photos from 1960 to an experience with person like ourselves that we met in mancos, colorado.

photos from the 1960 trip click on each person's name to see them. now all redone to be viewed on a full screen and downladable. click the bluish icon in the upper right to use full screen. | michael 'ike' levy | jim pinter | richard stamats | doug welch | would love to see more of the old photos too. please send them.

david spangler, a special boy and friend we met along the way in mancos, colorado.

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