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story: mike (ike) levy

rich stamats: in an email i asked michael about going to israel for a jamboree a year after the one we attended and i asked if michael, "had you been back since?"

michael levy: no, that was my one and only trip to israel. we had a very comprehensive tour with the bsa, and i don't feel the need to go back. sort of a dangerous place to visit........

rs: i would like to know how you became involved in tantric yoga and do you practice judaism any more?

ml: the last time i was in a jewish synagogue was in 1970, 37 years ago, in vancouver, b.c. (i was a landed immigrant in canada at the time, having left the usa because of the vietnam war, and my conscientious objector application had been rejected). that congregation separated men and women - the women had to sit in the balcony for services, while the men got to sit on the main floor. it made me realize how sexist and patriarchal the religion was, so i abandoned it, and i never have gone back.

ml: when i was in troop 13, at age 12, probably a year before the gc trip, we were on a wilderness canoe trip on the au sable river in northern michigan. on sunday morning everyone attended a christian (presbyterian) religious service held in the woods. everyone except me that is. i wandered off into the woods, all by myself. i got to a clearing in the forest where the early morning light was streaming down dramatically through the tall pine trees. suddenly, i had an "epiphany". it was a sort of out-of-body experience which transcended my personal ego and took me to an altered state of consciousness for a few minutes. i, "felt the presence of god". ever since that moment, i have been on a conscious spiritual path in my life, and have delved into many world religions.

more about michael can be found at http://www.taoshighspirits.com/




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