jack price is a carver’s carver, because he, like so many carvers, is on a mission to teach carving. for over twenty years he has produced more talented carvers than, perhaps, carvings. young and old, male and female alike are his students and they love his compact characters and the ones they create. over 20 years ago he authored a book on his carvings called carving the compact character. he also started his compact character carvers certificate that i don't know if it continues to this day.

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jack pricecarving the compact character dvd

the twelve steps below provide close-up 2x enlarged view of the steps jack employs in carving of the compact character as explained on the dvd.

at the old annual gathering of woodcarvers at the national carvers museum in monument, colorado in 1985 jack price made his first visit. during this visit i was fortunate meet him and easily persuade him to make a video of his carving techniques. this video became a very popular tape right away. jack price had authored a book on carving the compact character that was a big seller.

the dvd starts off with a humorous show of quite a few of his carvings. then he gets right to the details using his sixteen step approach. this dvd will take you through each step and you get to see how he handles each phase with skill and verbal description. at the end we include an address to his home in cleburne, texas where you can send him a photograph of your carving.

carving the compact character dvd with jack price is $22.00 and available here (above right). use compact character in the search to find. below are images from the dvd.


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