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welcome to graphic design web pages!

each "job" has its unique requirements and the examples provide a limited view of the scope of possible designs.

print: all forms from large displays, logos, magazines and newspapers to annual reports, catalogs, flyers and business cards. over the years we have produced hundreds of exciting projects in print. each piece is custom to the clients needs. we offer effective and clever ideas to communicate in print and we often work within a tight budgets.

video productions: 15 seconds to 30 minutes are a specialty. wiht 14 years experience in corporate video production going from standard tv to the new high definition we can meet your needs for those tight budgets. scripting, production, to editing and production of dvds. a one stop shop keeps things efficient.

we develop unique designs that deliver the punch and efficacy to the delivered message.

photography: to get the page on the photography division web page click here.


the way its done here

quality is reflected in what richard stamats does, from research to strategy and execution. how is this done?

richard will research your organization and the audience you want to attract. he has decades of experience consulting, writing, and design experience in marketing and telling stories that deliver the message you intend.

he maintains collaborative partnerships. each project is driven by a collaborative partnership between richard and representatives from your organization. throughout the process, you have the opportunity to review our work and make decisions about the best way to move forward.

the project is built upon research and strategies. the foundation is built upon knowing who you are, what you have to offer, and how your target audiences will respond to your offer. at the beginning richard focuses on reviewing your distinct characteristics. next all parties create a blending of these elements into a cohesive and strategic plan of action.

give richard a call at 719 244-0813 for a free consultation.


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