these are significant and edited emails in chronological order.
the addresses have been removed

2007-03-29 from jim pinter
hey rich, dennis, doug

a february trip down to phantom ranch in the grand canyon got me thinking of our first hike way back in august of 1960 and the friends i've lost track of over the past 47 years. see attached b/w snapshot from that trip that i found among the stuff still stored at my dad's house in fort wayne. and a contrasting photo from my 2007 hike. i can't speak for everyone in our scout troop, but that summer trip out west certainly changed my life, inspiring me with a love for outdoor recreation, leading me to attend college in arizona and eventually to settle in the west.

i think it would be fun to get in touch with all the scouts from our 1960 trip to find out what they've been up to. i would like to have copies of any photos that they might have taken back then. we could also see whether they would be interested in a reunion hike to celebrate our friendships and common interests?

what do you think? i know if we started planning now for a 50-year rendevouz in 2010, we could get one or more of the cabins at phantom ranch for the event and we might even be able to get some media coverage. each time i hike in the canyon i regale fellow hikers with stories from our 1960 "death march" when the river was still undammed. they marvel over the swimming pool that used to be at phantom. i don't have photos of the pool in my collection, but there is a photo of it on the wall of the phantom ranch "beer hall" so i am able to substantiate my claim that it once existed. even the employees at the ranch are amazed that we did the hike so long ago in 120 degree weather. if we assembled our recollections and photos from that first trip it would make quite a story.

fyi, i knew that rich settled in colorado springs and got his email from the internet without difficulty. but i haven't seen or talked with him since the 60's. i still keep in touch with dennis in fort wayne and he has become a frequent visitor to phoenix and our cabin in alpine, az. he has even sailed on our new sailboat in mexico during this past month. i occasionally see doug in churubusco and know that he and his wife are interested in doing adventure traveling out west.

but for the most part, i've lost touch with everyone else that was on that first memorable hike. in fact, i'm having trouble even remembering names of the scouts. doug - your parents might be a big help here. here are the guys i recall so far with their email address and phone numbers if i have them. the names i'm uncertain of are marked with question marks - help me confirm whether they were even on the trip out west. also add any you might think of and i'll try to get together a master list that we can all share. eventually we should be able to come up with most of the names.

i think this will be fun. i hope to hear from each of you soon.

jim pinter


2007-04-16 from jim pinter
hi phil (fort wayne journal gazette)

thanks for taking the time to discuss the 1960 hike through the grand canyon by boy scout troop #13 (first presbyterian church, fort wayne). i think that it would be a great human interest story for your column. it would also help us to get in touch with some long-lost friends who accompanied us on that adventure. i can't speak for everyone in our scout troop, but that 3-week trip out west certainly changed my life, inspiring me with a love for outdoor recreation, leading me to attend college in arizona, and eventually to settle in the west. after a recent hike to down to phantom ranch at the bottom of the canyon, i discovered some snapshots from the trip in a shoebox at my dad's home in fort wayne. the photos convinced me to try to get in touch with all the scouts from the trip and perhaps organize a 50-year reunion hike.

over the past 47 years, i've hiked into the canyon to the colorado river more than 20 times. each time i regale fellow hikers with stories from our 1960 "death march." what was so special about our hike in 1960? well, at that time the colorado was still undammed and warm. so it was possible to soak and swim in the river without the present day dangers of hypothermia or washing away downstream. tourist's i encounter at phantom ranch are amazed to learn that we were only 12-15 years old at the time. we also carried all of our own equipment and food, and hiked all the way from the south to the north rim (24 miles) in 3 days with only a couple of adult leaders. imagine that happening today! they also marvel over the swimming pool that used to be at phantom ranch but was closed in the late 60's. i don't have photos of the pool in my collection, but there is a photo of it on the wall of the phantom ranch "beer hall" so i am able to substantiate my claim that it once existed. even the national park service employees at phantom are amazed that we did the hike so long ago in 120 degree august weather. fortunately, we had a full moon during our trip and we were able to do much of our hiking at night.

the spirit of the trip has been captured on richard stamats' web page
i believe the bus photo could be the focal point of your column. he has posted our collective guess of names of scouts that were on the trip - but our memory isn't as good as it used to be and we may have some inaccuracies in the list. rich has also posted some images that i scanned from negatives taken down in the canyon with a 127 format kodak brownie camera. rich has said it was ok to use the materials from the web site for your column. he and i can send higher resolution photos if needed. doug welch is the only other scout from the trip that i've kept track of over the years. his parents were along on the trip as chaperones following the bus in a chase car. between doug and his folks, we should be able to come up with more photos and stories.

jim pinter


2007-04-16 from doug welch
hi jim, hi rich

a great idea to contact phil bloom. i talked to mom and dad. they are tearing the house apart trying to find everything from the trip. mom says that bill valor and bill sweet were on the trip. also darby's wife dorthey (not sure of the spelling) drove their station wagon and had their son larry along. it was their wagon that the black bear cub tried to get in. larry was inside. the ranger made everyone get away because he knew the mom bear was probably close by. mom wrote everything in a little book but hasn't found it yet. she also has a copy of the life magazine about that really tall kid in mancos. she thinks that he died a few years later.
i'm still going through the slides i have, but most of them are just landscape. dad took an 8mm movie too. i am going through all of his to find it.

rich, it is so good to find out where you are now and what you are doing. great job on your web site, very professional. wow

well, i better get up to bed. some of us, unlike jim, have to get up to go to work.



2007-05-02 from jim pinter
phil (fort wayne journal gazette)

i will be in fort wayne for about a week during mid-may. would it be possible to meet with you to talk about the bus trip and grand canyon hike we took with the boy scouts in 1960.

thursday, 17 may at 1 pm would work fine for me. however, my schedule is mostly open from 15 - 20 may (except for the afternoon of 16 may). so pick another time if it's more convenient for you.

jim pinter


2007-05-20 from jim pinter

my meeting with phil bloom, outdoor editor for the fort wayne journal gazette, went really well. he was very enthusiastic about writing a story about our 1960 trip. then he wants to follow the story as we approach the reunion hike in 2010. further, he wants to go with us on the hike as an embedded journalist. he and his son have been active in scouting so he sees a story here that will have a lot of public interest. he also introduced me to one of his colleagues who seemed very interested in the story too and snapped a bunch of photos of me "for the file".

the next step is that phil will get in touch with doug and rich to pick their brains about what they remember of the trip and to verfify some of the things i told him. i gave him your contact information. so expect a phone call soon. and let me know if you hear from him.

keep looking for those photos and try to contact more of the scouts that were on the trip. note that i'm in fwa until 21 may then back to phx. on friday, teresa and i head to mexico for a long week and might not have email contact.


kind of fun.


2007-07-04 from rich stamats
doug and jim,
i had an interview with phil on the 3rd and i understood one took place with doug on 2nd. i sent a collection of images in higher resolution and size for their use in article. i understand story is to run this sunday.

hope all is well.



2007-07-09 from max ismscher
rich and jim,

i’ve talked about a return trip to the canyon for years. what an experience we had. just reading the article got me all charged.
i like the idea of a shorter version. keep me informed on any get together.

max (mox) irmscher


2007-07-09 from tom robertson
hi jim and richard,

i happened to be visiting old school friends in indiana last weekend (i live in concord, ma), and saw your article. i was on that trip, as was jim stone, and for some reason we are not in the photo by the bus. i would be interested in a reunion in 2010, and i think jim sent you an email saying the same.

tom robertson


2007-07-19 from jim stone
jim and rich,

i couldn't have been more excited to see the story about our boy scout trip. i had come back last weekend to ft. wayne for a group 60th birthday party with several old friends -- four of whom were on the trip as well. i've had a list of several "things to do before i die" items for several years now that includes a rim-to-rim hike back at the canyon. (i thought the canyon won the last time.) anyway, my plan for the weekend was to try to convince them to join me in the next year or so. but before i could say anything, denny mahuren and max irmsher whipped out copies of the story.

the 50th anniversary idea sounds even more appropriate, so please count me in.

i know that every time i come back to ft. wayne, either for a high school reunion or just to see the old group, the trip always comes up. my most vivid memories are of laying in bright angel creek that day at phantom ranch, just letting the water run over me. (in fact, in the pictures jim posted, i think i might be the third kid from the left in photo #10. of course, skinny, glasses and buzz-cut probably describes most of us then.) i also remember my glasses flying out the bus window in dubuque, iowa, while i rested in one of those cots we had hanging from the ceiling. fortunately, my parents weren't too peeved. they were probably relieved. over the years, my mom has told me that when we drove out of the first pres. lot that day she didn't think she'd ever see us again.

for some reason, another friend, tom robertson, and i am not in the photo that was in the paper recently. but among the postcards and photos i still have, there's a copy of a newspaper article that appeared the day after we left. besides tom and me, that story mentioned ray howell, david aldrich, bob bartel and peter briggens as also going along.

please keep my informed as plans develop. and in the meantime, let me know if there's anything i can do to help out. i'm a free-lance writer living just outside dayton, ohio, these days, so i'm sure there's a story or two in here somewhere.

talk to you soon,

jim stone


2007-07-19 from william (bill) sweet
jim and richard:

i returned from vacation recently to find that the two of you have resurrected some old memories, not to mention old photographs. although i had forgotten our old troop number, i have certainly not forgotten that trip. you left out the wonderful days spent at devil's tower.

keep me in the loop for future events. it would be great fun to see you all again.

bill sweet


2007-07-26 from thomas robertson
to all

i also have a newspaper clipping that lists those on the trip (with some errors): scouts: arthur aiken, nevin aiken, albert aiken, douglas welch, max irmshere, jr., dwight fraye, william sweet, barry worman, russell worman, davis aldrich, paul pinte, gilmore haynie, mike levy, thomas robertson, richard clements, alan johns, james mahuren, john sell, richard stamats, jim stone, willam valor, michael bash, robert bartel, ray howell, peter briggins. adults and families: mr. and mrs. darby blackwood, mr. and mrs. howard welch, mrs. elsie douglas, kent westley, dr. arthur aiken, dr. nevin aiken, and minor botts, sr.

i found a couple of post cards i had written:

july 26
dear mom, dad, ......

i am having a good time. today we are going to the jamboree. last night we camped in a state park near goodland, kansas. every time we start the bus we have to push. some fun.

love, tom

july 30 (note: if postage is not enough, send anyway. you will get the extra money at address.)
dear mom, dad, ...

i am still having lots of fun. today we have visited some cliff dwellings including the cliff palace. the homes and culture of these people are very interesting. the 27th we were at the jamboree. some friends and i were walking in the hot sun and i needed a drink. i set my camera down and after i drank i ran 50 ft. to my friends. as i reached them i missed my camera. i looked where i left it and it was gone. i checked lost and found several times but with no results. it has my name and address on it and unless the kid who found it has evil intentions, it will be returned.

the first post card (3x5) has just a plain front (3 cents postage printed on it). the second post card (7x9) has a picture of cliff palace from mesa verde national park. the caption on the back reads: " this view includes approximately one-third - the south section - of cliff palace, the largest known cliff dwelling. government archaeologists guide visitors through this and other ruins, giving authentic information about the prehistoric inhabitants who lived here 700 years ago. color note: for best autumn colors in mesa verde and this section of the rocky mountains, schedule your visit between september 10 and october 15. color photo by ansel f. hall.

tom robertson


2007-07-31 richard to michael levy
hello michael,
i am writing you to see if you are the same michael levy that was in boy scout troop 13 in fort wayne that went a trip west in 1960.
hope it is so,

2007-07-31 from michael levy to richard

i remember your name, but no longer the face.
how/why did you happen to find me?
please, tell me about yourself.
where are you living?
you can go to my personal website to learn more about me at:

wow! 1960. wasn't that a grand adventure?
i think it created the allure that made me want to live in the southwest, which i do - in taos, new mexico.
i just returned a year ago from living 13 years in australia, married an aussie girl (now divorced), and taught tantra together.
that info is at:

michael 'ike' levy

his reply to join the reunion:

just started on the website, but i can tell you already, i'm in!


2007-08-01 from jim pinter

i'm back in phoenix again and have attached a photo from the breakfast meeting we had at the cracker barrel in fort wayne last saturday.

it was a special treat to see doris and howard welch (doug's) parents after so many years. as chaperones they were privy to the minute details of the trip that none of the rest of us had to concern ourselves with. and their recollections far exceed any that i have. even better, doug's mom has found the journal she kept of the whole trip. (see photo) vicky has volunteered to transcribe it so we can have a written record for the web site.

it was also great to reconnect with bill sweet after what must be 45 years. he was especially intrigued with the prospect of fly fishing in bright angel creek and the colorado river. now i bet that's something that wasn't on our minds the first time in the canyon in 1960. and probably for good reason. since glen canyon dam wasn't restricting flow on the colorado river until 1963 or 64, the water was still warm and the trout fishery didn't exist. at present, bright angel creek, clear creek (9 miles east of phantom ranch), and other fast clear streams provide prime spawning grounds for rainbow trout. i've seen thigh sized rainbows taken out of streams that you could jump across.

i'm tentatively planning to visit fort wayne again in october. we'll plan another breakfast then and i'll hopefully get to see more of the group.

the final piece of news to relate is that phil bloom, the outdoor editor of the fort wayne journal gazette has run another column in last sunday's paper. it updates the progress we have made in getting the group together. here's the internet link.

i think the anecdote that jim stone related about the hike being something he "wanted to do before he died" captured the sentiment that i'm hearing from so many of you. and now we've added mike (ike) levy, mike bash, and gil haynie to our list. that makes 11 scouts total. this is great. we are almost halfway there. everyone take hard another look at the list and see if we can't find the rest. i've been trying to find bill valor without much success. also contacted robert blackwood (the only blackwood in the fort wayne phonebook). alas, he wasn't darby's relative.


2007-08-02 from mike levy

yesterday i finished moving into my new office in my new house, and unpacking memorabilia that had been stored for 25-30 years. you can guess what i was looking for, and i found it. the original j/g news article, and 2 letters i wrote to my parents during the trip, one from mancos, co and the other from devil's tower, wy. in the one letter it said that the gc crossing was unbelievable, and that i would never do that again! unfortunately, any photos i may have had were destroyed in a storeroom flood about 9 years ago.

when i have time (probably this winter), i would like to write my version of the gc xing, to post on the website. i will also transcribe the letters mentioned above asap.

the photo of us in front of the bus was taken one week before we left, that's why some guys aren't in it. i, as the delegate from troop 13 (and i think, tom robertson?), departed early to go to the local jamboree prep encampment, then left for the jamboree, and went from fw to colarado springs on the jamboree train. the rest of you came on the bus and picked us up in cs. i also have 2 letters i wrote from the jamboree.

you probably don't know this, but i went to the jewish services at the jamboree, where they mentioned a jamboree taking place in israel the next year. i followed up on it, and attended, with 99 other boys from usa. we toured israel for 3 weeks, athens, rome, florence, paris, and london. the point is, our silver bus trip sparked my ongoing career as a world traveler!


2007-08-02 from gil haynie

i don't know if you knew that john sell was killed in a car wreck in california at least 20 or so years ago. he is the only one of the group that i know is no longer with us...hopefully there are not any others. regards


2008-01-13 from jim pinter

yesterday we had our second breakfast meeting and started our planning for the 50th year reunion hike into the grand canyon.  i was pretty excited to meet jim stone and denny mahuren for the first time in almost half a century.  of course, i became reacquainted with bill sweet and doug's folks at our first breakfast last summer. and, i've been in touch with doug welch and dennis silkworth off and on over the years.  tom robertson sent his regrets from massachusetts and said he would try to get to the next meeting.  phil bloom emailed from indy that he wouldn't be in town this weekend.

we decided on a tentative time frame for the reunion hike - late april 2010.  the weather should be perfect for a hike.  we'll plan on a couple of nights at the lodges on the sourth rim of the canyon and a reunion dinner.  then the hikers in the group will descend the south kaibab trail (7 miles, 5 hours) to phantom ranch where we will likely stay in the bunkhouses and take our meals in the mess hall.  we'll spend two nights at phantom.  during the day, fishing in bright angel creek or hiking up the creek towards ribbon falls.  everyone remembers that stretch of the trail right?  take my word for it - it's a lot more pleasant in the spring with cool temperatures and light day packs.  the third morning at dawn we'll start the trek up the bright angel trail (10 miles, 8 hours) to the south rim lodges where we'll join family and/or friends who will have spent a leisurely couple of days enjoying the national park scenery from above.

during the next six months, i will plan on getting in touch with park management and the concessionaires who run the lodges and phantom ranch operation.  with such a large party we will need to make reservations long in advance.  rich's web site and the press coverage phil gave us will lend some legitimacy to our cause and provide us with some leverage.  but trying to get reservations for a large group at phantom ranch might present some challenges.

i took a couple pictures at the breakfast and at doug's house afterwards, where we recorded some of his parent's recollections of the trip.  attached please check the pictures out. clockwise from left to right around the breakfast table are:  dennis silkworth, jim pinter, vickie welch, howard welch, doris welch, doug welch, denny mahuren, teresa pinter, jim stone.  not pictured is bill sweet who had to leave before i remembered i had the camera in my pocket. [click]


2009-06-07 from jim pinter

we got our canyon reservations for 18 & 19 june in 2010. please open the attached document and review the details.
a deposit is due very shortly, so you will need to forward a check made out to me asap. the postmark date will establish your priority for one or two of the coveted 20 spots. don't delay.


2010-06-14 from jim pinter

grand canyon reunion hikers -

it’s hard for me to believe, but the dates for our grand trek are finally approaching. everyone that i’ve talked to is enormously excited about re-living the canyon experience with the same guys that we hiked with 50 years ago. this time it won’t be quite as grueling. but i guarantee, it will be just as memorable. in fact, we’ll probably savor the accomplishment and appreciate the breath-taking scenery more than we did as 13 or 14 year-old boy scouts.

that 1960 adventure in the old silver bus was a life-changing experience for many of us. now family and friends who have listened to our stories from that trip will have an opportunity to see for themselves what all our excitement was about.

i’m pleased that both rich and phil will be along on this trip to help document it for the world to see.

we’ve had a few last minute adjustments, but our roster is now complete. six of the original scouts will be hiking with a family member or significant other. most will arrive at the south rim on wednesday, 16 june where they will be staying for two nights at the historic cabins of the bright angel lodge. folks at the reservation desk have indicated they will try to cluster our group’s cabins together. no guarantees, but be sure to mention this at check-in time. we will plan on hiking down the south kaibab trail (~7 miles) at first light on 18 june, staying 2 nights at phantom ranch with all meals included, and hiking up the bright angel trail (10 miles) after a 5 am breakfast on 20 june. (fyi, this reservation is in teresa pinter’s name in case there’s a need to confirm your spot and we aren’t nearby.) in my experience, the hike back up usually takes 7-9 hours. it’s a long, long way. but there is water along the trail at several spots and as we climb we will be entering cooler zones. to celebrate our successful hike out, i’ve made reservations at the el tovar dining room for dinner on sunday.


• this will be a moderately strenuous hike with a 5,000 ft elevation change and potentially very high air temperatures. please review hiker information at and . june temperatures at the south rim will range from the 40s in morning to mid 80s by 4 pm. at phantom ranch expect 70º f in the morning and perhaps 110 º f in late afternoon.

• you should know the early warning signs of heat exhaustion and watch for them in your hiking partners. these include fatigue, general malaise, little or no urination, loss of appetite, headache, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. remedies include frequent rests, drinking when thirsty, and covering exposed skin with light clothing. if left unchecked, heat exhaustion can progress to heat stroke with elevated body temperatures, weak rapid pulse, and dry, flushed appearing skin. this is an extremely dangerous medical condition that requires immediate evacuation and hospitalization. one of my colleagues related a story of one hiker to phantom ranch in june who developed heat related problems and needed helicopter evacuation costing more than $10k. if you get too hot, consider waiting until there is more shade on the trail. or, wait until dark and hike at night like we did in our 1960 cross-canyon hike.

• drinking too much can also result in a serious electrolyte imbalance causing hyponatremia, a potentially lethal condition that causes many deaths in otherwise fit individuals. symptoms look similar to heat exhaustion, but there is excessive urination and it is usually clear. risk from hypernatremia can be reduced by listening to what your body is telling you. don’t force yourself to drink extra water on a regular schedule. instead, it’s better to drink when you are thirsty, snack occasionally, and lightly salt your food during regular meals. you might consider bringing along some powdered gatorade or electrolyte replacement fluids to use sparingly or in a diluted form.

• carry a very light pack, with ample water (3-5 liters), a protective hat, and comfortable hiking shoes.

• if you want to fish in the colorado river or bright angel creek (arguably the best trout stream in az), you will need to purchase an arizona fishing license and trout stamp before you arrive at the south rim - purchase online from or possibly at the small village of tusayan before you enter the south rim from the south.

• seniors are eligible for a lifetime senior pass to all national parks – visit . this one-time purchase (which can only be obtained in person at a national park.) gives you and several people in your car free entrance to every national park for the rest of your life.

• if you wish to have the mules carry your duffel (no pack frames) back out, make reservations for the service ahead of time. see

• the meals at phantom ranch are very hearty. but on the first day during the hike down the south kaibab trail, lunch is not included. supper won’t be served until 6:30 pm. so it might be wise to include some snacks to tide you over until the “canteen” opens in the afternoon and you can purchase soft drinks, beer, and snacks.

some of you have asked what i’m taking along on the trip. so here’s a list of what’s going in my pack:

1 – light weight “convertible” pants
1 – light weight long sleeve shirt
2 – “t” shirts
2 – pairs undershorts
2 – extra pairs socks
1 – pair flip flops or light tennis shoes
1 - rain jacket or plastic garbage bag
shorts & shirt to sleep in

prescription drugs
minimal first aid kit
head lamp
pocket knife
toothbrush & paste
reading glasses
ear plugs
insect repellant
small synthetic pack towel
topo map
gps or spot messenger
camera & batteries
paperback book
stuff sack

powdered gatorade
1 pack salted peanuts
2 granola bars
light lunch for day 1
3 liters water

this is what i’m wearing or carrying in addition to above:

small daypack
personal id, credit/insurance cards
wide brimmed hat
short sleeve shirt
nylon hiking shorts
hiking boots
walking stick

bring moleskin to use on hot spots before they turn to blisters. a wetted towel or washcloth or handkerchief can be used to cool yourself down while hiking. a small flashlight or headlamp is useful for walking around phantom ranch at night after campfire talks and for finding stuff inside the cabins after the lights are turned off. earplugs are nice to have when your bunkmates snore! privacy in the cabins and bunkhouses is in short supply, so keep that in mind when choosing your sleepwear. a small stuff sack is useful to organize your gear in the cabin or bunkhouse if you use your pack for a hike to phantom creek or ribbon falls.

trail information

we plan to hike down the south kaibab trail early friday morning (18 june). plan on taking a shuttle from bright angel lodge to the trailhead. note there is no water available until bright angel campground, 6.4 miles from the top. there are potable water sources at 3 spots along the bright angel trail on the way out.


2010-06-25 from linda lee (with tom robertson)

we really did it!!!!!

hi all,

just a quick note to check in…it’s feeling a bit surreal…okay, a lot surreal, to be back in florida, working already, and missing the reality of our adventure together! how’s everyone doing? thankfully, my body isn’t aching at all, however i was questioning my purpose in life on the way back to fla…

i keep hoping phantom ranch will take me up on my offer for massage therapy services in the canyon…if not, we’ll have to be planning our next adventure soon! as i recall, ike generously offered his services for the organization of it. and ike… i’ll definitely help out. anyone else?????

on monday morning, tom, phil, and i were witness to four elk dining on their grassy breakfast in the backyard of el tovar. what a gift, as were so many other experiences this past week. we were sad to leave the canyon, and wished we were headed back down again. you’ll probably think we’re crazy. j

i hope you are all well, and look forward to hearing from you. please respond to confirm that i’ve accurately typed your email addresses…thanks!


2010-06-25 from michael "ike" levy

thanks for your email, linda, and hello everyone.

we flew across the canyon twice on the morning we left. it was not as spectacular as one might imagine. it is just "too big". i think it is much more impressive to be dwarfed and heat shrunk by it - and especially to having it looming over you in the darkness with a million stars overhead.

we landed in sedona, a dream of mine realized. we kind of laid back with a great meal and sunset view from hiro sushi. we had an upstairs room at the motel, where it was difficult to negotiate going up or down the stairway!

i'm thinking to investigate times and costs for a rafting trip thru the canyon for next summer??? how does that sound?



2010-07-02 from rich stamats

hello everyone,

well, the reunion happened and it was something that is better embedded in my mind now than it was in 1960 so, god willing, it should last the rest of my days even though the soreness of my one or two muscles has already disappeared.

i have a page that will work as the directory for the photos and it is:

those who have photos they are willing to share i most sincerely want them for display. everyone's unique view is very important to me and i believe others. i also would love images that were from 1960 if you have them. if you have negatives or slides i can scan those and return them to you. see my address below. to that end here is a way to do that with a maximum file size of 2gb per each file which is large enough to hold quite a hundreds of images.

think another reunion on the au sable river in michigan is possible within the next two years?


2010-07-03 from tom robertson

yes, the reunion happened, and what a happening!

richard, i have uploaded photos from tom and linda to your drop box. please let me know if they come through alright. i also have a couple of short videos, if you would like those up loaded.

linda kept encouraging me to take more pictures, and i was skeptical that any photo could do the magnificence justice. i have to say, though, that richard and kacey managed to capture a lot more of the beauty of the canyon that i thought possible.

what memories! the 3-d grandeur of the canyon - the steep dusty trails - the spirited camaraderie - the wonderful extremes of dry heat and icy streams and chilly bunkhouse - the absolute relaxation of a day of hot lazy rest without electronics - building wooden towers and writing postcards (a forgotten art) in the phantom ranch "beer hall" - listening to cicadas as dusk brought stars and bats and swarms of black flying things barely visible in the moonlight above the treetops - the phantom - good food and good showers at the ranch - the extreme pleasure of finally reaching a rest stop - boots off and the feel of cool rock on hot feet - the sensation of being half there (and not knowing the next half was twice as hard) - being able to walk from 50 degrees f to 100 degrees f in less than one day - hailing "himmaa" across the chasm - father's day wishes from my two sons as we hiked up, as my blackberry inexplicably came to life - sharing all this with a woman that enriched the whole experience. wow!


2010-10-29 from jason burke (historian and teacher)

this is a great story! thank you for documenting this interesting event. i am former scout, current geography teacher, and active historian living in colorado springs. i am in the process of further documenting this event and i am sending you this e-mail to see if you would you know of any possible way of obtaining an accurate map of the one-time event area? i will keep you posted of any updated discoverieson my behalf.

thank you for any suggestions- jason burke

any emails to jason burke will be funneled through


2010-10-29 from richard stamats to jason burke

thanks for your interest. yes, it is a wonderful story. i have not done any research specific to the jamboree's location other than the photos you saw of the monument. the best i can remember is that the boy scout magazine boy's life had run some photos and i believe there were a few aerial photos. if they were not in that magazine then a it was a private vendor. i recall that it was all on one ranch. it might be possible to align photos that show some of the front range and do a bit of triangulation to determine one area.

this sounds like a great project. if you don't mind, i will post your request on the website and funnel through to you any info i receive.


2010-10-29 from jason burke

sounds great! i am in the process of contacting the co. sprgs. pioneer's museum archivist and the local “old town” historic society/library to check on their data on this event. i will definitely keep you updated on what i discover.
thanks for keeping me in mind. jason





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