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____________________________________________________________________________________________________    the walters family: i spent a few minutes with mr. stamats describing what i hoped the video would portray... i wanted it to be short and powerful... i asked mr. stamats if it was possible to demonstrate the courage and faith of the family as they went through the year following their tragedy and he said he would do the best he could.
   by the time i returned to the office i had a message waiting for me from mr. stamats who was already full of ideas for the video and wanting more information from me. within two weeks mr. stamats has produced a twenty-three minute video that surpassed my wildest expectations.
   the best part of the video was his presentation of courage and faith. we have shown it to several others and all have been highly complimentary of the professional quality of the production and the tremendously powerful presentation it made. i have not personally seen a better production of a damage claim on video and suspect that if a competition were held for such items ours would win hands down.
   i would like to also emphasize how pleasant it was to work with mr. stamats. he was always courteous and cooperative. never did i note any arrogance or professional condescension. if questioned about why he did something in a particular way he had an excellent, well-reasoned, explanation.
   when i approached mr. stamats with the project i told him we had a tight budget. i didn't expect to get anything near what he produced for the budget i gave him. he met the budget and produced a product that would have probably cost us three or four times as much had we gone to one of his competitors.
   for any future video work of this nature mr. stamats will be the only person i consider.
david r. bailey, attorney, bailey • robinson
(this video production helped attract the cbs' show "rescue 911" hosted by william shatner to cover this story)

_________________________________________________________________________________________________    fantastic creativity, amazing ideas, outstanding performance and a real pleasure to work with you in all forms of media. over the past six years you have produced dozens of publications and each one supersedes the previous. the increased attendance to our programs is due in large measure to the exceptional attractiveness of your artwork.
maria villegas, regional director, national recreation and park association

__________________________________________________________________________________________________    our organization has benefitted tremendously from the video services and production of richard stamats.
mr. stamats is highly skilled in taking a video production from start to finish.
in a wonderful and comfortable manner he helped us to analyze our needs for a promotional video and then produced a very powerful tape for us.
   we must work under a limited budget and i am certain that his commitment went far beyond our budget just so that the project was as successful as it is. this tape will be shared with our sister organizations across the nation because of the message it delivers in very interesting and clear terms.
   he was also helpful to our organization in the development of exceptional training videos.
   mr. stamats is a very talented person who is easy to work with. i highly recommend him and his work. please feel free to contact me about his ability and his work.

jeremiah johnson, education director, consumer credit counseling service

___________________________________________________________________________________________________    review in "fine woodworking magazine" mr. stamats has produced several exceptional "how to" wood carving videos by bringing some of america's finest carvers to his productions. each video has clear and easy to follow instructions. these productions should be real a boon to carvers all around the world.
fine woodworking magazine, taunton press, inc., newton, ct

___________________________________________________________________________________________________    richard stamats has elevated the production of our 60 page magazine "the mallet" to new heights with stunning photography, excellent illustrations and a beautiful articulation of the stories of woodcarvers for woodcarvers.
harry meech, president national carvers museum

__________________________________________________________________________________________________    your xap tape proved to be the highlight of our recent sales meeting. we showed it the first time during one of the cocktail hours and it received a rave review. we even had requests for a second showing, so we had it rerun during the cocktail hour of our president’s club banquet. everyone seemed to be so very pleased with the really super production you put together. very few industrial videos can match the clever and exceptional qualities you put into this production.
richard, thanks for putting this together. it was enjoyed by all.
terrell a. cobb, vice president sales & marketing, xanar, a johnson & johnson company

___________________________________________________________________________________________________    the design work you did for the urban league annual dinner invitation and annual report was outstanding. the photography and layout contributed immeasurably to a most successful event. i look forward to your valuable skills.
james e. miller, ceo, urban league of the pike peak region

__________________________________________________________________________________________________ comments sent to johnson & johnson by a customer of theirs regarding video production of laser surgical equipment.
   this is an exceptionally well done video and should be seriously considered for use in all future new packaging or equipment to be delivered to users.
gary p. bianchi, d.p.m., san francisco podiatry group, inc.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________    you have produced the most effective video training productions with the right amount of humor and cleverness to keep people involved. it has been a terrific pleasure to work with you and look forward to many more productions.
becky medved, current inc.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________    i would like to thank you for the fine job you did at the third annual prevention conference. the slide show was a real success.. thought you did a real good job with the live music and all. the comments i heard from participants were nothing but wonderful. i even have heard comments from people who were not in attendance so the word is spreading.
   it was a real treat working with you, richard. i hope we will have the opportunity in the future.
melinda willis, regional prevention specialist, pueblo treatment services


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