claude bolton was one of the premier caricature woodcarvers in america. after retiring as a teacher in 1974 he began to master the craft of caricature carving and he published a best selling book on his technique. his carvings have been by sought by collectors for more than a generation.

at the old annual gathering of woodcarvers at the national carvers museum in monument, colorado during the 1980s claude bolton was always one of the most respected masters to attend. it was during that special week in 1985 that this video was produced. sadly, we learned that this good man and great carver passed away in 2001.

claude bolton's talent and effectiveness made this video a best seller. claude, with his background as a teacher, so clearly describes every detail down to the button on the shirt, that carvers-in-training and long time carvers alike gain quite a bit of information. we often received the most positive feedback about how much they appreciated learning from this master. carving a caricature cowboy face by claude bolton is available here for $24.00 (above right) or ocassionally on ebay.

the length of dvd is 57 minutes.




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aseveral of claude bolton's carvings



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