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1957-1958 annual yearbook

1936 w wallen rd, allen county
fort wayne, indiana 46818









this is the yearbook or annual of washington township school.

wts 1959

it seemed like a fun project to present this look back to 49-50 years ago. in those days washington township had more than 1,000 students from kindergarten to 8th grade. part of the school was old with high ceilings and very tall windows. the other and larger addition was much more modern not so unlike today's schools. i understand the school today no longer has the old portion, but you can click here for their webpage. most of the students in this yearbook / annual are now in 2006 between 62 & 54.

new! a blog page has created for those interested in communicating about washington township school at http://wts1958.blogspot.com/ go to the link and share some of your memories or post a question or comment about someone. click to go to blog

i will work on this site gradually and see what becomes of it. my hopes are that many of the alumni will discover it by themselves or through their children and grandchildren. and when they do i would like to hear from you through my email, which is rstamats@gmail.com or try the blog.

find your photo in the year book
i hope it is easy to find your name and then your picture in the yearbook pages. to start click here to find your name and then click on your name and it should open up a new page with the you and your classmates.

if you want a higher resolution of your page just email me your name and i'll send a higher resolution image.

i have cleaned up some of the images and tried to make them look better than the old yearbook presents today.

my best wishes,

richard stamats formerly of mrs. coleman's 4th grade class.

contact news!

first contact: colleen (bobay) mcdougall formerly of mrs. foster's 4th grade class on aug 16, 2006. it is most wonderful to hear from her and about her life.

second contact: barbara (foulks) moody also of mrs. foster's 4th grade. barbara lives in north dakota these days. barbara during christmas holidays 2006 took some photographs of the school. the most recognizable feature is the tall chimney, which is the same. click here to see those photographs and a few others.

third contact: hello i am ronna reves and i'm the daughter of harrison reves (5th grade luella bixler). and i have to say that i'm so happy to have stumbled across your site! my father and my mother have been together for over 30 years. he's the proud father of 2 girls (lynn and me, ronna) and just recently became a grandfather to a beautiful baby boy last year. we all reside in va.

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photo pages

boy scout troop 13, fort wayne, indiana in 1960. photos and memories.

current & old view photos of washington township school

photos @ 1963 -downtown fort wayne, indiana


introduction to the yearbook by mr. eugene e. kitt, principal

washington township school is proud to present the 1958 edition of their annual yearbook. the contents of this yearbook reveal briefly some of the activities, events, personnel and happenings which are indicative of our growing school and the surrounding community.

we are faced with the tremendous responsibility of providing educational opportunities to boys and girls. it is hoped with each year of educational growth that we are more able to satisfy this requirement.

we have frequently used the theme this year "schools are yours." this idea certainly involves all of us. the complete cooperation of all affiliated with washington township school has resulted in our having a school of which we can be proud. certainly one of the most forward steps in the educational field this past year was the merger of st. joseph and washington townships with the fort wayne public schools to form the new fort wayne community schools.

growth and change will not cease with the merger mentioned, but we pledge ourselves to continue our efforts for the betterment of educational opportunities for boys and girls.


reunion in 2010
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