senior portraits package special!

* approximately a 2 hour session
* on location(s)
* the yearbook photo is included.
* 1 - 8x10
* 1 - 5x7
* 2 - 4x6
* 16 - wallets

only $150.00

i earnestly request you schedule your appointment early to get the time you want. call 244-0813

the session is about you and getting an image that you will be proud of throughout your life. getting the right portrait takes a bit of time and its more than what you will ever find at most studios. i look for an image that captures you in your world. we can go on location. you can change your clothing or style as often as you want. in 2-hours you will get views of you have never seen before. it will be a work of art. the prints you select are sold à la carte. the yearbook photo is included.

what do you get for the session?

web proof prints — normally there are a minimum of 25 photos selected by the photographer. when the final pictures are selected they will be available on the web for one month. that way family and friends all around the world can see what you look like now.

what you can expect and things you can do.

we use high end digital cameras, rather than film. digital permits much greater control and but it also requires much more time for your photographer to work on each "image" instead of negatives. for example, after our normal 2-hour senior session it takes at least another 3 to 4-hours of artwork on those digital images, preparation of the photographs for the presentation, and preparing the ordered images for the lab. every single selected photograph is art-worked to perfection!

this attention (and obsession!) takes a lot of time. yet we know each and every client deserves the best that we can give. that is why our clients choose us for photography and graphic design.

how i do the session is usually preceded by finding out what makes this person tick. what are their likes, their passions and how they see themselves. this process takes awhile and is not part of the photo session, but helps me to capture the deeper part of the person.

then we, as a team, will make choices about the location, the clothes and the style they are after. sometimes its in the bedroom and sometimes its in the woods or on the prairie or in the city. perhaps it is while they are doing their favorite thing. of course, we can put up the backdrop, but preference is for something beyond that really excites and has lasting meaning.

i really enjoy working with young people and have done so whenever possible. teens have a fresh view of life, its nearly always surprising, often clever and certainly more fun. for nine years in connecticut i taught and helped run a cultural art center and now i am into my sixth year of volunteer teaching several hours a week at a local high school. i teach photography, design graphics, art and video production.

some preparations that make it easier are the following:

planning for your session — tips

don't try a new hairstyle just for your session, and have your hair cut around a week before your session is scheduled.


skin problems (move mouse over picture)
don't worry if you develop a skin problem. our finished portraits can be fully retouched to eliminate blemishes and soften harsh lines.

problems with glasses can lead to extra retouching charges. we can remove normal glare on glasses, but tinted lenses cannot be lightened-even with intensive artwork. if your glasses are tinted or exceptionally thick, they can distort the way the camera photographs the eye. in this case, you should ask your optometrist for a pair of empty frames to wear for your portrait session. if you have any questions regarding your glasses or extra retouching charges on glasses, please tell me.

braces can be removed with artwork at an extra charge. however, some dentists are willing to remove braces for your session if you take the time to schedule the procedure.

removing tan or sunburn lines will incur additional retouching charges.

for girls...
makeup can affect the way your portrait looks. both fresh, natural makeup or "evening" makeup photograph well.

for guys...
a fresh shave is a must! if you have a beard or mustache, make sure it is trimmed to your liking.

some more things to consider.

how to show your best

portraits are best when the viewer's eye is drawn to your face. solid colors are best wear so as not to compete with your face.

close-up portraits

for your yearbook picture or other head-and-shoulders or close-up poses, dress in something very simple both in color and style. boys can choose a suit, sport coat or sweater. for girls, a plain dress, sweater or blouse with a simple neckline is best. both boys and girls should wear long sleeves to keep the eye from being drawn to the flesh of the arms.

clothing color & style make the difference!

proper clothing allows the face to dominate the portrait, with all other elements being secondary. against a medium or dark background, colors that photograph best for the yearbook portrait and other close-up poses are medium to dark tones of green, brown, rust, wine, or blue. darker shades are more slimming.

against a medium or dark background avoid light colors that approximate flesh tones such as beige, tan, peach, pink, white and yellow. these colors not only dominate a portrait and overpower the face, but also drain color from the face and make the wearer appear unusually pale.

bare shoulders or tops with "spaghetti straps" often make the subject look heavier and take the eye away from the face.

especially bright colors such as red, orange or pink, will ruin a portrait because their intensity overwhelms the face.

stripes, plaids, checks, and bold prints also draw the eye away from the face and do not photograph as well.

informal poses and special styles tell the world who you are!

informal portraits invite much more variety in clothing color and style. girls can choose a favorite sports outfit, dress, prom dress, shorts, jeans outfit-the clothes you really enjoy. possible choices for boys include a suit, jeans outfits, a casual or sports outfit, or a school or other jacket. bring extra outfits, and we'll help you choose!

black is a good choice for black-and-white portraits or for a dramatic look in color.



express yourself and your world!

if you have a hobby, then tell me! musical instruments, art supplies, theatrical garb, cheerleading or athletic uniforms, band uniforms, stuffed animals, skateboards, pets, girlfriends, boyfriends, and buddies. think creatively and you'll have a portrait to remember!

if you have an outdoor hobby or interest-backpacking or jogging for example-bring your gear. we'll also be happy to photograph you with your car, bike, or motorcycle.

enjoy... the fun of an outdoor session bring a casual outfit that will blend with natural outdoor settings. earth tones are an excellent choice black or white also work well. remember that simple styles photograph best.

well, if you have made it this far i am impressed, just kidding. i want you to know the details that go into making great photos, that's why so much information.

you should count on this experience as being a lot of fun so relax and enjoy.

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