lifestyle photography is very unlike traditional photography in that it incorporates dramatic portrait images and journalistic style images into an attractive composition that reflects those very special things in a person’s life.
   each lifestyle portrait requires considerable effort to conceptualize and execute into a piece of art that accurately reflects the person and the lifestyle. richard stamats brings his talents from illustration, painting and graphic design into creating an image that provides a truer image beyond what is found elsewhere.
   to create the lifestyle portrait an extended session is often required that would include wardrobe changes and different on-location sites.
   the finished size is typically 16” x 20” but an image to 24” x 36” is possible. one should consider making three hours available to insure a thorough collection of images.
   this is an extraordinary image that deservedly attracts attention and admiration wherever it is displayed.
   call richard at 719 244-0813 to discuss your wishes, for availability and pricing.
   the images to the left are in a 12x20 ratio for a newspaper article.
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