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the names below list the different slide show collections from 1960 currently available [click on name]:

| michael 'ike' levy | jim pinter | richard stamats | doug welch |

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left to right top row: gil haynie, mike bash, james denny mahuren, mox irmscher, rusty wormon, bill sweet, richard clemens, bill valor, jim pinter, darby blackwood-scout master
bottom row: michael levy, barry worman, richard stamats, dwight fraze, danny aiken, allen johns, david aiken, doug welch & john sell.

breakfast photograph (to see the changes over the ages move your cursor over the photo)

from left to right are jim pinter, bill sweet, vicky welch (doug's wife), doris and howard welch (doug's parents, two of our chaperones), and doug welch.


portion of journal entry made by mrs. welch, one of the chaperons.


dennis silkworth, jim pinter, vickie welch, howard welch, doris welch, doug welch, denny mahuren, teresa pinter, jim stone.  not pictured is bill sweet who had to leave before i remembered i had the camera


clockwise: jim pinter, doug welch, mrs. doris welch & mr. howard welch. reviewing notes and recording memories of the trip

monument site

here is a transcription from the above monument located near i-25 and the briargate parkway exit (151) on the southeast corner of highway 83 and briargate parkway.

this is the site
of the
fifth national
of the
boy scouts of america
july 22nd to july 28th, 1960
56,377 boy scouts, explorers and
their leaders camped here as a
part of the celebration of the
50th anniversary of the
boy scouts of america

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